Customer Stories - Christmas Sisters in the Carolinas

Customer Stories - Christmas Sisters in the Carolinas

Posted by Ronnie @ The German Christmas Shop

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A Tale of Two Sisters

Once upon a time…

Well actually once per year, in a magical land called Charlotte North Carolina, two sisters have the same dilemma, what to give each other for Christmas…

This is the story of Sue-Ellen and Mary-Jean.

Come with us as we share some customer experiences with you. Here @ The German Christmas Shop USA, we love helping our customers create memories with loved ones!

How we came to meet this pair of sisters

Way back when we started the German Christmas Shop, Mary-Jean was one of our very first customers. She had bought 2 small ornaments for her granddaughters and was so happy with them she called me. I can remember it because it was one of the very first calls I ever received to our then, very young business. Isn’t it funny how lasting memories can be made over such small things?

Mary-Jean was so impressed by the detail and the quality and couldn’t wait to give them to her granddaughters who were visiting from out of state before Christmas. It turns out that the decorations also meant a great deal to Mary-Jean personally as her father had been a woodworker, they brought back the nostalgia of her childhood.

Hanging up the phone from Mary-Jean, I couldn’t be happier, here we had helped someone create a new memory with their granddaughters.

The next week, an order came through for one of our authentic nutcrackers. It is always a moment when a nutcracker sells because we get so few of each design each year. They are handcrafted and take a significant amount of time to make, meaning they are always in short supply. Opening up our order dashboard, we saw that the nutcracker was headed to Mary-Jean!

Along with the order was a small note:

‘He is going to take pride of place at my Christmas party. Thank you.’

Carefully checked and wrapped, one very special nutcracker went on his merry way to Charlotte. I can remember him being collected that very wet and windy day in PA. Sitting down to a coffee and some Pumpkin Kringle (my favorite fall dessert) it was fun just to wonder what Mary-Jean’s party would be like, family and friends gathered from all over, celebrating together. It was a lovely way to end a busy day.

Fall and Thanksgiving came and went. Then, in the first week of December, the phone rang. Christmas HQ was in full swing shipping a bunch of Black Friday orders and I remember in the middle of the hustle and bustle taking a moment to walk outside in the cold air to answer.

“My name is Sue-Ellen and you sold my sister the most darling nutcracker I ever saw”

'This nutcracker was a wonderful keepsake to remind of her dear departed father. It was a way that both sisters could share a memory together'

Sibling Rivalry.. in the best possible way!

Sue-Ellen’s first purchase was the exact same Nutcracker that her sister, Mary-Jean had purchased. Having attended the party in Charlotte, Sue-Ellen gave a little insight, for her, this nutcracker was a wonderful keepsake to remind of her dear departed father. It was a way that both sisters could share a memory together.

Sue-Ellen needed some additional help though. Unfortunately her sister now laid claim to the title of ‘The one who discovered The German Christmas Shop’, bragging rights between sisters, right?!

To remedy the situation, Sue-Ellen wanted to send a gift to her sister, something special but, most importantly, something that was almost sold out (so that it could not be bought by someone else). As a small business owner, I have heard a lot of interesting requests over time but this one was a lot of fun. We settled on a miniature Incense Burner and sent it on it’s merry little way.

Receiving the Little Incense Burner, Mary-Jean then ordered something special in return and so began an annual tradition that still takes place each year.

'It is an absolute privilege to be part of this tradition each year. We are able to help two sisters share memories with each other '

Our small part in their holiday tradition

Every October, when the new Christmas range is in and we have the widest variety of designs available, we get our annual call or email from each sister. Both Sue-Ellen and Mary-Jean want to know the same things:

1 – What their sister has already purchased.
2 – Something new to give.

We are more than happy to help but have one condition; each sister must give some suggestions as to what they would like to give. If anything is already owned, we suggest they move on. This way, the gift remains a personal choice, passed from sister to sister. It also makes the process a little more fun, in some way there is still that element of surprise for both Sue-Ellen and Mary-Jean.

It is an absolute privilege to be part of this tradition each year. We are able to help two sisters share memories with each other, and create new ones with their families, now that’s pretty special!

Our customer stories are pretty special!


We hope that you have enjoyed this little peak into our lives here at the German Christmas Shop, and our customer stories. As a family run business, we are so thankful for our amazing customers and their stories, making lasting connections with our customers is just the best! We always say that anyone can sell a decoration, what is magical is when you are in a position to help others celebrate and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Our customer stories are based upon real experiences we have with our customers. To protect our customer’s privacy, we change names and towns.


Written by Ronnie

Someone who loves the way we all celebrate the Holidays and create memories together...

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