All about Incense Burners

Hi, it's Ronnie here from the German Christmas Shop.

On this page you will find out all about German Incense Burners! We will share with you how they work and why they are so special. Before we begin, check out this video of our adorable reindeer incense burner and watch how they work. 


But I don't like Incense... It's too strong

Our incense cones are not your average scents. In the same way that our artisan families craft wooden decorations, the Huss family are artisans who have been crafting incense for generations, and it really shows.

Handcrafted in Germany, our incense contains only natural ingredients. The scents used come from raw ingredients like cinnamon, citrus, vanilla and sandalwood.

Our Christmas tree scents made from actual Christmas trees, you can't get much more authentic than that!

The incense is meant to give a soft, lasting scent to your room. It will never be heady and overpowering like traditional Incense sticks can be.


How long does each Incense cone burn for?

Generally, each incense cone should burn for 10-12 minutes. This is the perfect amount to both see the theatre of the smoke rising from your burner and to get the right amount of scent into your room. 

Sometimes, the burn time will be a little shorter, we have found this can happen on warmer days or when you position your incense burner in a position with a lot of airflow (more oxygen = faster smouldering)



When I light my incense, it keeps going out.

This can be caused by a couple of things:

1 - Incense needs to smoke before replacing the top of your burner

  • Just as in the above video, it . is important to make sure that your incense is smoking well before you replace the top of your burner. If you replace the lid too soon, then the incense may not have enough oomph to keep burning.
  • We recommend always waiting 10-15 seconds after lighting before you replace the lid. If you see a soft glow and a constant stream of smoke, you are good to go.

2 - Older Incense

  • If the incense you are using is more than 18 months - 2 years old, it can sometimes be harder to burn. This is because humidity over time can affect them.
  • When you buy incense, we recommend keeping it in an airtight container to ensure it is preserved for as long as possible.
  • If you need some fresh, new scents, we have you covered though. Check out our full range of Christmas scents

3 - Not enough airflow. 

Generally, incense burners work in this way:

  • The burning incense sucks up oxygen trough a little air-hole in the burners base
  • The air keeps the incense cone burning as smoke rises ourt of the butrners mouth (or chimney)
  • Sometimes, if the air-hole is blocked by other decorations or is hard up against a wall, this can affect how much air can be sucked in and your incense may stop burning.
  • Always ensure that your incense burner is in a relatively clear spot before use.