All about Pyramids...

So what is a Christmas Pyramid?

A Christmas pyramid is an elaborate candleholder, invented in the Erzgebirge mountain region of Germany. The principle is simple, light the candles and watch as gentle rising heat causes the propellor and central display to spin.


Whether you call them a Pyramid, Windmill, Carousel (or 'twirly thingie from the National Lampoon's movie'), we are sure you will agree that these decorations are uniquely beautiful.

*Yes, we have had customers call them 'twirly thingies'

Where did the Pyramid Design come from?

Since the middle ages, the Erzgebirge mountains in Germany have been an important area for mining. For old mines, the 'Whim' was a large structure at the top of the mine that 'capped' the mine shaft and housed the pulleys etc that could haul ore to the surface.


Look familiar? This is the traditional shape that inspired the Christmas Pyramid's unique design.

The French Connection...

While Christmas pyramids have been crafted since the 1500's, it was Napoleon who actually brought the name 'Pyramid' to the Erzgebirge mountains. Following his campaigns, images of pyramids and the Sphinx spread across Europe


Seeing a similarity between their beautiful carousels and ancient monuments, the name stuck and 'Pyramiden' were born!

"Gentle rising heat causes the propellor and central display to spin."

Authentic is always best

There is no substitute for an authentic, German-made Christmas pyramid.

Our artisans take the time to design and test Christmas pyramids that will spin. Their pyramids are built of quality materials and will illuminate your home for many years from now.


So come and take a look at our range today!

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Need Help?

Need get the most out of your Pyramid? check out our troubleshooting guide:

The World's Largest Christmas Pyramid


Dresden is the capital of Saxony, the region that is also home to the Erzgebirge Mountains. It is only natural then that the world's largest pyramid appears each year in the Dresden Striezelmarkt (Main Christmas Market).


At 46 Feet (14 Metres) high, it is definitely worth visiting if you are near Dresden in December.


For an idea of its scale, check out this short video from underneath the pyramid.


Hungry? Just look for a pyramid!

Sounds weird right?

An essential element of any German Christmas Market is the food and you can be sure that there will always be a wide variety available when you visit.

An insider tip is that, wherever you see a giant Christmas pyramid at a market, there will be some food nearby. In most of the major German cities, the giant Christmas Pyramid also doubles as a bratwurst stand!


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