Candle Arches are Amazing!

In Germany, there is a tradition of lighting up windows on cold, dark Christmas nights.

Come and see what makes German Candle Arches so wonderful!


Why an arch?

There is a tradition in Germany of placing lights in windows to help light the way on a cold winter's night.


In the region where our decorations are made, the Erzgebirge Mountains of Germany, miners worked long hours underground, only to walk home at night. Local families would place candle arches (Schwibbogan) in their windows to help miners find their way home. With space for lots of candles and a thin profile, these arches were perfect for window sills.


These days, we may use LED bulbs instead of candles yet these decorations still have all the charm of their predecessors...

110V and ready to go!

If you have come across authentic, German-made arches before, you are probably aware that the electricity requirements are different in Germany than here at home in the USA.

We are excited to offer a range of handcrafted Candle arches with USA power supplies. No need for adaptors here!

LED's - Long-lasting & Cool

All of our candle arches use LED bulbs. That's great news because they don't heat up as much as regular incandescent bulbs, they use less power and are much longer lasting. What's not to love!

From Weigla with love...

The epicentre of German Christmas Culture is the town of Seiffen, deep within the Erzgebirge mountains.


Just outside of town, the wonderful people at the Weigla workshop have crafted all of the candle arches we have on offer. They are proud to be an authentic producer of these staple decorations, based in the region that is renowned for inventing them.


We have been lucky enough to personally visit their workshop and can assure you that these arches are the real deal! You are going to love these arches so much, it will be hard to take them down in the new year!

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Arches are a BIG thing!

This is the entrance to one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany, The Dresden Striezelmarkt. Every year, thousands of people flock to this market for a spot of Christmas cheer.

One of our favourite things to do in Dresden is to walk up to the top of this arch. Inlaid stairs on either side lead to a viewing platform where you can get the most amazing view of the entire Christmas market from above.

What an absolutely magical Christmas moment!