Why our handcrafted items sell so quickly


Hi there, on this page, we explain a little bit about how our decorations are made and why it is important to purchase early.


Our best advice

Our best advice is that, if you see something you love, don't hold off on purchasing it because it is not 'the right season'.

Every November and December, we receive emails and calls from potential customers who have missed out on an item because they waited. Below are a few reasons why we run out of many amazing decorations early:


1 - Small Makers

The majority of our artisans work throughout the Erzgebirge mountain region of Germany. This is the traditional home of many of the Christmas Decoration types we know and love today (think tree decorations and nutcrackers, they originated here).

While a more popular maker like Christian Ulbricht may have many staff, most of our artisan partners are small (or tiny) family-run workshops of 1-12 people.


2 - High quality but limited production capacity

Our decorations are of the highest quality and many of our customers become customers for life, there is just no comparison for quality, handcrafted decorations.

Combine the time that it takes to make each item with the limited size of most makers and you can see that there is always going to be a capacity issue.


3 - A typical conversation with our makers

"Hi there, It is January and so I would like to place my new order for next Christmas. Your items are really popular and we would like to order 500 decorations' 

"Dear Ronnie,

Thank you for your email, it is good to hear your customers in the USA love our products. As we have limited capacity, you can only have 200"


4 - Repeat customers like to purchase early and this means stocks sell out quickly

We have a wonderful group of repeat customers who share our love of Christmas and love to find something special each year. Right now, as I write this article (in July), I can say that we have already sold a number of our premium nutcrackers, incense burners and Christmas tree decorations to our repeat customers.

And then there are the Figurines....

Every November and December, we have potential customers who send enquiries about our Christmas Figurines. These enquiries range from the very polite to the 'how dare you not have any Rudolph's left in November/December'

Most of these customers go onto our mailing list and then, when Rudolph and his friends return in the following July, they jump online and grab their own little piece of Christmas magic.

And the cycle continues....


Thank you!

I hope this has given you an idea of why we will always have some sold out items in November and December. When selling premium, handcrafted decorations, it is an inevitable consequence. Thanks for reading!